The Benefits of MVA


Financial Gains For SME’s Using MVA

Our recent customer trials of businesses using MVA has produced the following results:

· Profit Improvements 5-23%

· Reduced Financial Training Requirements 100%

· Savings on financial training courses 100%

· Reduced Accounting Fees 15-43%

· Saving on bookkeeping costs 20-30%

· Saving on Postage & Mail-out Labour 21-86%

· Saving on BAS Preparation time 15-31%

· Reduced computer software costs per annum 12-33%

· Reduced computer hardware costs per annum 11-37%

Problems Faced By Business

With 20 years experience in operating and consulting to business, we have found that many business operators identify with a number of common problems. Learning about a business involves asking questions and we often ask the following questions. Are you?

Needing business support but found the cost too high?

Paying for financial accounts that you never use and which are very often so historic by the time they are prepared that they have little value to you?

Unable to find or access simple tools that allow you to be pro-active in preventing business problems in a quick and understandable way?

Having difficulty taking generalised business information and applying it to solve your business problems?

Commonly feeling isolated and lacking someone to talk to about your business?

Finding that your business eats into time you would like to spend with your family?

Finding accounting packages are too complex and require ongoing training?

The Solution

If you answered, "Yes" to any of the above questions you will benefit by using My Virtual Accountant (MVA).

How MVA Solves The Problems

Increases the profitability of your businesses

To use MVA all you have to do is enter your normal accounting transactions such as receipts and payments. Just a click of the mouse will produce automated reports, analysis and improvement advice related to your particular business.

With MVA’s state of the art use of the Internet, you can know with the click of a mouse:

The current profitability of your business.

How your business is performing against benchmarks.

The weaknesses in your business and how to fix them.

Where costs are running over budget.

Under-performing areas of your business.

This knowledge lets you make changes as problems occur and gives them solutions thereby assisting in the future success of the business all at the click of a mouse.

Overcomes the isolation you face as a business owner

MVA does this by having an adviser available to discuss problems between the hours of 9a.m. – 9p.m. All you have to do is press the ‘CALL ME NOW’ button on your screen, phone us or go to the chat room to discuss problems with an adviser.

As MVA operates over the Internet you can see or enter your business information from anywhere you have Internet access – home, interstate or overseas.

Provides a tool to understand your business finances

Research shows most businesses don’t understand the financial data provided by your accounting system or your accountant. Most only read the bottom line ‘Profit’ or ‘Loss’. MVA provides financial analysis of your business in simple English language. The Business Health Module advises you where the problems in your business lie as well as providing information in a step-by-step form on how to go about correcting the particular problems of your business at the click of a mouse and in non-accounting language.

Reduces the frustration created using accounting packages designed for someone with some book-keeping/accounting knowledge

Many software packages available in the market place are complex and generally require you to undertake a training program in order to use the software package. MVA requires no training program to enable you to use it and assumes no accounting knowledge.

MVA provides peace of mind

MVA provides a peace of mind not currently available to you as follows:

The MVA Information supplied to you is based on an automated analysis of the financial data of your particular business. Also provided is a step-by-step process for you to follow to correct the problems found. MVA will monitor your business’s progress and report on how well you are progressing towards achieving set goals and feed this information back to you. Many businesses operate in a reactive way rather than a pro-active way in operating their businesses. MVA provides the tools so that you can operate in a pro-active way and so improve profitability. Business failure is common and many business owners don’t seek assistance until it is too late. This problem is often caused by the perception that seeking assistance is costly and something they cannot afford. MVA provides advance warning of potential problems and a methodology for taking action to prevent failures. You are able to make informed decisions about your business rather than uninformed decision making which is the case for many businesses today.

MVA provides you with information on how much you have for personal expenditure

MVA provides you with the dollar amount out of total profit that is available for personal living and warns you when you have exceeded the amount available to you.

Reduced Operating costs

Using MVA negates the requirement for you to continually upgrade hardware and software to cater for changes in taxation, accounting standards and other legislation because:

All changes to software are performed at the web host.

MVA is provided over the Internet so that any PC, new or old can log in and use the system.

You only pay for the MVA modules you use or require

You should also achieve significant cost reductions in:

Bookkeeping and data entry costs

Training costs as MVA is so simple to use

Business consulting and advice

Postage and handling costs as all invoices can be sent by email

When you join MVA we like to get a current set of financial accounts loaded onto the system as well as up to 3 years previous data if it is available. The system then calculates best practice benchmarks for you. As your business improves so the benchmarks increase until "World Best Practice" is achieved or to a level that suits your lifestyle.

Increasing the per hour rate of return to you, the owner

If you are like many business operators then you work long hours. When profit is calculated on an hourly base of time worked you may be surprised to find that the hourly rate is often one that you would not accept if working for someone else. By setting goals marginally above your existing profit levels and increasing the goal as profitability increases, MVA provides a tool to assist you to change the way your business operates and so improve your profitability and your lifestyle.

Easy to use/ Zero-training
Be operational in Minutes
- Just Click’n’Go
Fully functional Accounting system
Fully Integrated
Real-time information sharing
Anytime / Anywhere


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