Features of MVA


Internet Based Click’n’Go & Zero-Training No Bookkeeping Setup Fully Functional Accounting System
Automated BAS Business Intelligence Organisation Development Customer Service Development
Employee Productivity Personal Expenditure Analysis Employee Office Customer Relationship Management
On- Line Document delivery E-learning

Internet Based

Operates totally over the Internet

Can be accessed anywhere, anytime

You only need an internet browser

Not dependant on any operating system - Operates on Windows, Apple or Linux

Uses Windows 2000 Advanced web servers for high security and scalability

Multiple access can be provided to authorised users to view same data at the same time - Your accountant can see what you see

Click’n’Go & Zero-Training

No accounting knowledge required

Self evident screens and processes

Imports MYOB data with a click of a mouse

Imports QIF files with a click of a mouse

No software downloads

No hardware or software upgrades to buy or install

You only need an internet browser and access to the internet

Not dependent on any operating system - Operates on Windows, Apple, Linux

Only see what you need to see

Individual rights and access assigned to minimise unnecessary menu items

"Call Me Now" to get assistance

No Bookkeeping Set-Up

· All set-up for bookkeeping is done for you prior to use

· All you have to do is enter you data

Fully Functional Accounting System

· Offers specialised applications designed for small & medium enterprises

· Fully integrated professional accounting system including:

o General Ledger

o Accounts Receivable

o Accounts Payable

o Inventory

o Payroll

Automated BAS

MVA has a fully integrated Business Activity Statement generator built in with the following features:

You can produce a BAS with the click of a mouse MVA's BAS liability report can be produced in seconds giving you an up to date statement of how much you owe Lets you know when your available cash is less than your liability

Business Intelligence

MVA can perform sophisticated financial analysis on your business' data by comparing that data with benchmarks based on "world best practice", industry data or benchmarks specifically designed for you and your business. Based on sophisticated decision-making rules and criteria MVA offers automated judgements and comments about a business' financial condition and provides automated recommendations for improvement. Key features are:

Reports in plain English can be viewed online or printed

Analysis is real time based on your business' data

Isolates areas of concern or underperformance

Analyses personal expenditure to ensure business owners are living within the project levels generated by the business

Provides "what if" scenarios to show how small improvements can generate large increase in net profit

Provides recommendations for improvement based on your business data showing how to increase your profitability

Allows you to make critical decisions that will have the biggest impact on profitability

Provides drill down graphics

Reports and analysis are provided at the click of a mouse

Organisational Improvement

· Looks at whether all areas of your business are in balance e.g. are you using technology which is too advanced for your employees or is there too much load in some areas whereas other areas are under-utilised

· Analyses how capable your business is in adapting to change

· Provides improvement options where problems are found

· Assistance is available to you from our e-learning team

· Exchanging ideas with other businesses during the process of analysis will provide a useful base for understanding the culture of your own

Customer Service Development

· Analyses how your customers rate the service you provide

· Analyses the results and advises on an improvement process

· Assistance is available to you from our e-learning team

· Exchanging ideas with other businesses during the process of analysis will provide a useful base for understanding the culture of your own

Employee Productivity

· Analyses the structure of your organisation

· Analyses employee productivity

· Analyses whether budgeted times for jobs are being met

· Structure your organisation to ensure that you are employing the right number of staff with the right skills in the right areas

· Assistance is available to you throughout the journey from our e-learning team

· Exchanging ideas with other businesses during the process of analysis will provide a useful base for understanding the culture of your own

Personal Expenditure Analysis

Alerts you if you are using too much of the business profits

Provides recommendations to rectify the problem

Provides a detailed analysis of what you as a business owner are spending your drawings on

Employee Office

Employees enter their timesheets from anywhere, at anytime

Employees use their own password protected access

Employees access only the data they need

Integrates directly with payroll

Employees can enter expense reports for approval

Employee duty statements

Employee goals and outputs

Customer Relationship Management

· Maintains customer transaction histories

· Perform sales analysis by customer

· Manages all contacts for customers

· Allows scheduling of events for customers

· Maintains history of contacts for each customer

On-line Document Delivery

· Automated printing and emailing of any system output

· Creates major cost savings in labour and postage


Our Learning Services Team will provide you with assistance in:

Needs assessment & implementation

Process integration

Technical & administrative areas for optimum use of MVA

Internet & e-commerce services

Business Development

IT & network services

Easy to use/ Zero-training
Be operational in Minutes
- Just Click’n’Go
Fully functional Accounting system
Fully Integrated
Real-time information sharing
Anytime / Anywhere


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